About us

Our History

The RobertOzon company was born from passion to ride a motorcycles and enjoy it in the greatest available clothing. As we love our clothing the same way or even more than our motorcycles we decided to take the best possible care of it during and after its riding life.

After we mastered our extraordinary cleaning services we decided to manufacture exclusive and unique motorcycle gadgets using the old, crashed motorcycle leathers and giving them a second life.We are also able to fully repair and restore your leather garments. Since 2016 we are producing the most durable wooden knee sliders which allow you to experience the highest lean angles combine with amazing feedback, smooth friction and slide.

All products are designed and hand made in Poland. Thanks to our know how and many years of experience we can provide you with the best available services while taking care of your full safety as well as the beautiful and unique look of your garments.We will repair any garment in any condition of all types of motorcycle clothing (leather, textile, gloves, boots).

Our services include cleaning, ozone sanitization, leather conditioning and impregnation, cooper silver ionization. On top of those quick and quality services we can also provide more complex services like: fit adjustments, restoration with conditioning, repairs, customization and zip replacements. Let us take care of your motorcycle gear so you can just enjoy your ride.

In 2021 we are excited to announce our expansion to UK market as we would love to deliver our services and share our passion and knowledge with famous and respected British bikers community.